The Arab World Needs to Stop Taking American Support

The Arab World Needs to Stop Taking American Support

The Arab countries should get freedom from the U.S blackmailing and get support from China who has strongest world economy.

As the world is facing an unstable situation due to violent protests and outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S has the largest number of cases as well as highest number of deaths. Also the U.S is facing internal instability. At the same time China is emerging like the super-power in the world. China has defeated the U.S in economy as the U.S has to pay big amounts of debts to China. China is leading in the upcoming technology of 5G which is going to change the face of the world as well as the behaviors of the world decision makers.

The U.S society is collapsing due to the killing of George Floyd by American Police. Whereas China is internally stable except some political issues that are being exploited by its enemies. 

At the same time the Arab world is facing a breakdown of regional order. Every Arab country is facing internal destabilization. In addition to this the pandemic of COVID-19 has completely changed the oil needs of the world and its dependence on oil products. The oil rates faced their all time lowest prices during the pandemic.

In future the oil is not going to feed the population of these countries. Also the job needs of these countries are going to face huge problems in the future. 

The armies of these countries are well prepared but they are not battle hardened like Pakistan army which is continuously fighting against terrorism from many years. In past Arab countries totally depended on the U.S for their security from terrorist groups. 

Threat to Arabs from Iran and Turkey:

These Muslim countries are considered as the enemy countries for the Arab countries. The blackmailers to Arabs like U.S and other hidden enemies of Islam take benefit from this conflict. So they sell their weapons to Arabs in the name of these countries which at times failed to provide them protection from attacks many times. 

To solve this problem Arabs can take the help of Pakistan which is the only Nuclear Islamic country and has its history best relations with Iran and Turkey. Pakistan can help all parties to come on a common solution. 

How to tackle the Inexperienced Army Problem?

As mentioned earlier Pakistan army is the world’s best army only who has defeated the terrorism successfully even with its weak economy. Once Pakistan army helped the Saudi-Arab to fight against a group of terrorists and wipe them out of the Holy places. Since Pakistan also has good relations with Arabs so they can take every help from Pakistan by seeing its experience. For the security of their cities Arabs can also take the required weapons from other countries who made world class weapons like Russia and China who are the opponents of the U.S and are in a group against the U.S. the intelligence agencies of these countries can also help Arabs to counter threats in advance as they are comparable in capability to the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency). 

Sometimes the C.I.A has deceived the Arab countries and let their enemies attack them to show Arabs that how much they need the U.S and its weapons, whereas China, Russia and Pakistan will not betray the Arabs in that sense. 

How to Overcome the Economic Crisis due to the Ending of the Oil Age Era?

To tackle this problem first of all we need to know which country needs the oil products in present time and the upcoming times. At this time China has become the largest consumer of oil related products. It needs oil for not only trade with other countries but also in the manufacturing of their products. 

In future we will see the electronics taking place everywhere. Everything will be shifted to electricity by avoiding the use of oil and petrol as the world needs to counter the environmental changes that are going to affect the whole world in future. 

So the need and sale of oil will be reduced by a big percentage. This will be the major problem for Arab countries who totally depend on oil sales for their economy to be stable. Here comes the need of the world's strongest economy which is only China. Arab countries have good economies at this time so they have to shift their economic dependence from oil towards manufacturing and making of other products. In this regard China is the only choice for them at this time and the upcoming times. 

By seeing all these discussed points we can conclude that the U.S is going towards it’s decline in the next years and the coming super-power will be China who is actually the Economically Super-Power at this time. 

So the Arabs should look towards the new block of China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Russia in the next New World Order for their security and stability.

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