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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Review 2020

Friday, July 10, 2020

/ by Muhammad Irfan Yasin

Fire TV Stick 4K Review

This review will help you know the the specifications and features of the "Fire TV Stick 4K" which is the second generation model. This is one of the most popular streaming TV sticks currently on the market because of its ultra affordable price here Amazon is further sweetening the deal by giving 15$ off from original price of 49.99$ of free sling TV credit with purchase of one of their Fire TV Sticks as part of the holiday season so basically sling TV is a streaming live TV it's a subsidiary of dish so if you are into watching for example sports it's a way that you can also access those traditional cable content directly on the fire TV in addition to streaming other online shows like Netflix, YouTube Amazon video so and so forth part of the reason why the fire TV stick is really great is because of the remote control includes voice commands now basically with Alexa so there's a built-in microphone that makes it really easy to search can be used to control other smart home appliances you can ask a questions and we'll try and answer them we are talking about a quad-core processor along with eight gigs of  built-in storage and even comes with built-in Bluetooth which allows you to use wireless headphones and connect it to the stick so that if you're watching TV at night you can listen to the shows in private so definitely a great deal now taking a look at the packaging here is quite simple very much in line with other Amazon products will flip this open and sitting on the top here we have the two triple A batteries which are also Amazon basics branded stopping things back into place. The remote from the front has a 5-way navigation d-pad, there is no air mouth functionality but it should be simple enough to operate using the 4-way navigation toggles. There's just a simple microphone key that you can tap on to activate the mic, the next small compartment includes the wall adapter for plugging it into power. 

Fire TV Stick 4K Design

Fire TV Stick 4K has a very simple design. It's made out of a polycarbonate plastic and overall it looks quite sleek just has the Amazon logo.

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What you get free with it...?

Additionally you get the micro-USB cable that is used to plug into power, long cable and you get an optional HDMI adapter if example to HDMI port on your TV or display is hard to reach or access you can plug this in and that kind of extends the arm a little bit so overall a pretty tidy and solid product presented for such a low cost device. 

UI and Performance 

At the initial boot up it says Fire TV Stick various languages flash press on next pop-ups a keyboard so if you are setting things like passwords and emails. You'll still need to hunt and peck so using the kind of forward d-pad you have to go left right up and down to select things. Luckily once you're actually logged in you're able to just use the voice control to search things up and you can set up other streaming services free and paid so if you'd happen get started for example there are some popular examples that you can install and delicious goes on and on and then finally some other custom services that you can select all right. The home screen is very similar to a kind of Fire OS based tablet such as the Fire Tablets if you're familiar with those very simple layout. In home screen that you can take a look at your apps and channels. In terms of the speed it is quite snappy and responsive. If you pause on a TV show for a few seconds it tries to give as a snippet if there's a trailer available. It will actually be one of the more optimized experiences that you'll find as far as quad core TV boxes are concerned because Amazon is investing a lot into making this product work. If you scroll to the side there it goes into live content so this is where you can set up the sling subscription for example in the top of screen you have just exclusively the movies. Further it breaks out into TV shows, before hitting apps which are meant for games and other content that you can download from the store, there's some featured content. There are some games including emulator styles some from Sega and including pac-man so it's kind of interesting that you get these options available. The collection is greater than what you'll find on the Roku TV boxes Roku's app store is much more scarce by comparison because amazon is using essentially apks from the Google Play Store so you get a larger collection of apps to try out which is nice. Finally under categories you can further customize it yourself by certain channels of kontin maybe that you're watching like business related food and drink kids productivity so you can further filter by these various tiles. Lastly under settings you will look at notifications. You can specify the audio here and disable Doby digital it's running on fire OS 5.3 and has about 5.3 gigabytes of storage space remaining after the operating system is installed from the original 8 gigabytes. Towards the left of the main home screen there's also a search bar which is basically Universal search that you can use to search through the web in addition to find specific content.

Voice Assistant:

For the voice assistant, tap on the microphone key launch Electric dreams, electric dreams for prime video and just like the app versions you can find on tablets and smartphones there's access to things like x-ray which is actually a very handy feature that Amazon built in that gives you contextual information based on what you're watching so things like the names that the actors will be displayed. If you want to find that how to click as the video is playing along so it's a very intelligent and adapts to the content that you're watching so you're able to kind of search through their BIOS and read more about them and find similar shows you do have access to the web browser as well which is a feature that the Roku TV sticks for example are kind of lacking at least it's not quite as developed so here we have one of the internet, if we tap on that we can launch into silk. The interface has been also optimized for the TV experience. The things are easier to click and scroll through some slight moments of occasional hesitation if you're launching into these apps for the first time but overall the experience will still be more than usable try and search something up. You can also hold on the microphone key to input, for example Google comm and you can tap on go again it is going to be quite fast and responsive and so if indeed gives us a very fast experience. It has a virtual cursor that pops up so it's actually pretty fast Wi-Fi signal and doesn't have any problems. If you are loading back under the full desktop version of the site it looks very sharp and again scrolling is still quite fast. Soak optimization helps in Paige render a little bit faster through using kind of Amazon's AWS cloud servers handling some of the processing load launching to the YouTube app. You can use a voice command for searching things up which is quite convenient.

Video Loading Back Speed

The video loading back speed is quite fast. In terms of scrubbing and playing back no real problems occur at all in go between to a different part of the video and then tap on resume and again it plays back pretty fast, so no real issues. You can change your resolution subtitles, all these things can still be accessed just like on other TV boxes or if you use one of Google's own Smart TVs it gives you that similar experience the Wi-Fi router is actually on a different level of the building but it's still picks up very strong signal and have no problems at all in terms of hiccups or slowing down so quite impressive there the TV also becomes an interactive display for the assistant showing you information as you ask questions which is kind of convenient so for example what's the weather like tomorrow they're just like echo shows and displays you do have that full context as it pulls in as opposed to only hearing the voice which is pretty neat.


Fire TV Stick 4K
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Choose from 500,000 movies and TV episodes.
More storage for apps and games than any other streaming media stick.
Experience tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills.
Alexa on Fire TV provides the most comprehensive voice experience of any streaming media player.
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