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Digital Product vs Affiliate Marketing

Digital Product vs Affiliate Marketing, Creating a Digital Product and doing Affiliate Marketing

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

/ by Muhammad Irfan Yasin

Digital Product vs Affiliate Marketing

Digital Product:

A digital product is any product that you sell online that is not in physical form or it is non-tangible. This include e-books, softwares and mobile applications etc.

Affiliate Product/Marketing:

It is someone else's product that you promote (do its marketing) as an affiliate of that product, with the permission of that product's owner company and you earn a commission by promoting the product. This product can be any thing either physical or digital and you select the product of your own choice. Affiliate products include products of Amazon and Clickbank etc.

Creating a Digital Product vs Affiliate Marketing

If you wish to form money as a marketer, then you actually have two main options. One is to make a product and to sell that and the opposite is to sell an affiliate product.

Either of those can be the ‘right’ option. The correct option will instead depends on what niche you’re in, what you enjoy doing, what you’re capable of doing and more.

So, let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of every.

Pros and Cons of Your Own Digital Product

    With a digital product, you after all have the advantage of keeping 100% of the profit.

    You furthermore might have the liberty and control to promote your product however you prefer and even to edit it and alter it if you so wish. 

    This also makes it easier for you to form a robust brand – if someone has enjoyed one in all your products, there’s an honest chance they’ll have an interest in buying more from you in future. 

    But then after all meaning you’ll also must actually create that product which is of good quality. This successively means you wish to take a position plenty of your time and energy – or money if you intend on outsourcing – into the creation of that offering.

    And what which means is that you just can potentially find yourself out of pocket. If you invest many time and money into a product that then finally ends up not selling, you’ll have lost money. 

    There are ways you'll ‘validate’ a product to make sure there’s an audience for it, but ultimately you'll always be taking a chance.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Product

    On the opposite hand, if you select an affiliate product that's already making many sales, then you’ll know obviously that it can sell. 

    All that’s left is finding the proper audience. In some cases, even the marketing materials are going to be prepared for you. 

    In terms of profit, affiliate products still offer very embassy – up to 75% in some cases. 

    If you decide a dearer item then, or sell multiple items, you'll be able to make even as much money as you'll from having your own product.

    There’s no right answer then but remember: you don’t need to choose. Why not start with an affiliate product and use that to fund a digital product of your own?

Or better yet, why not use affiliate products to find out what works and what doesn’t, then use that to assist design the proper product of your own!

(And in factyou ought to also verify PLR products!)

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