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How to Sell Affiliate Products With Top Lists

How to Sell Affiliate Products With Top Lists: Looking for an innovative method to sell more affiliate marketing products? Then create a "Top List".

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

/ by Muhammad Irfan Yasin

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How to Sell Affiliate Products With Top Lists

Looking for an innovative method to sell more affiliate marketing products? 

Then consider creating a “Top List.”

A top list is after all a countdown of the most effective and impressive something. 

So this might mean the “Top 10 Irritating Things About Flying in a very Plane” or it would mean “The Top 10 Laptops Packing an RTX 2080 GPU” or it would mean Best Digital Cameras like in video above.

These lists are ideal for SEO for selling affiliate products, and during this post we’re visiting see why.

The Idea

As you will have already guessed, the thought behind this strategy are to form a listing of top products, with each linking to an affiliate link. Alternatively, you would possibly list services, online software, or anything you'll grab affiliate links for.

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Or how about selling an MBA course?

Yep, you'll be able to do this through EDx (which has an affiliate program) and this might stand to earn you thousands of dollars for one referral. Likewise, if you promote a service with a recurring fee, you may earn income indefinitely that grows over time.

If you're thinking without delay that this won’t earn you the maximum amount money as promoting a digital product (seeing as digital products typically offer much higher commission), then detain mind that you simply can circumvent this issue by selling things with very high ticket prices. That laptop example? a number of those gaming PCs will sell for $3,500 and above! Even 4% commission thereon remains $140. That’s lots over you'd get from an e-book.

Why It’s Perfect

The reason this works so well, is that it allows you to use SEO to seek out people with the perfect intent. Intent is what the person is hoping to realize by attempting to find a phrase, and our hope is that they'll be looking to shop for something.

When someone searches for the highest products in an exceedingly certain category, that just about certainly means they're hoping to shop for those products!

What’s more is that people/viewers enjoy top ten lists, and then does Google. This can be very true if you employ rich snippets, or if you add a bulleted list near the highest of your page. Do this, and you'll be able to get Google to indicate your list right within the SERPs together with a picture. This massively increases CTR.
Of course, you furthermore may must carefully research the correct keyword. Do that though, and you may be set to go!

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