This is the preface of the whole history of Ottoman Empire that we are telling to our readers. The Ottoman Empire lasted for a total of about 600 years. About 300 of them were the years of their rise and the last almost 300 years were downfall. 

During this downfall they had to fight with many enemies like United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France and many others. The Ottoman Empire faced these powers all alone and managed to survive for a total of almost 150 years towards its end.

The Turks found their name “Osmani Turk” not because of any cast, creed or race but after their first leader/ruler Osman Khan. They entered Asia Kochak as nomad and then they laid the foundation of such an empire which became one of the most powerful empires within next 150 years. In a short period of less than 300 years, the Ottoman Empire became the most powerful and the largest empire in the World. The age of its rise ends in east with the victories of Sultan Saleem 1 and in the west with the victories of Suleiman the Great, who was ruling in the vast parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. In this era Osmani Turks were the primary power in Europe. Hungry was under their rule and their armies reached the throne capital of Austria. Their awe spread throughout Europe. 

But it was during the life of Suleiman the Magnificent that the causes of some of the weaknesses within the empire began to emerge, which became more and more apparent after his death. Except for a few of the sultans who ascended the throne after Suleiman, none had the ability to rule the Ottoman Empire. Thus, just as the empire gradually rose, so did its decline, and the period of its decline is three hundred years, according to its epoch. 

In the last one and a half hundred years, the Ottoman Empire has been competing with more powerful empires than its own, but due to internal weaknesses, it has suffered successive defeats that it finally came to an end in 1918. 

Recently, the Republic of Turkey, in its few years of existence, has tried to address all the weaknesses that led to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, and its success in this endeavor is one of the most benevolent achievements in the history of the world. It has built a fortified fortress on the ruins of the previous empire, a living example of the Turkish nation's determination. Europe's "sick man" has not only risen from the dead, but all the forces of health and youth have returned to him, even the twentieth-century Christian world has had to believe in this miracle.

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